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It's No Secret

We are the the best way to have your wedding or celebration be the best it can be. We are the most affordable and the most professional service along the wasatch front. When you book, its one fee, and the day is yours, no hidden fees, no surprises, no stress. We are the only DJ service in Utah that is a Namm certified member and with this comes the knowledge that this is what we do. Music. So feel at ease and call us with any questions you may have and rest assured that we will be with you to make sure your celebration is the best it can be.

Alex 801-644-2628    |    Amy 801-663-0020 

When you book your event with Midnight Motions, rest assured, you get the quality you expect.

There's a few things that separate our services from other DJ companies:
  • NAMM approved and proud member of this music affiliated company. The only DJ company in Utah that is.
  • One set fee. When you book with us, its one fee, no hidden charges and no extra charges you wouldnt expect.
  • No double booking. When you book with us, were yours for the day, if your plans change rest assured your safe with us. 
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