A candid talk with Death Division's Sean de la Tour

We love music. Plain and simple. When we come along a great track, well, then we get butterflies. So a few months ago when L.A. based Death Division released "I've had enough", well we hopped right on to take a listen. Butterflies ensued.

We needed more from these guys, and unfortunately it would be a minute. But we waited patiently, and we can attest that it was worth it. Honestly after hearing what these guys had to offer, it was no surprise that Mustaine and Gigantour picked them up this summer for a few months of shows nationwide. If we had to describe their music for ourselves we would just call it entertaining. The punchy riffs are anything but mundane, bringing you in immediately and as you get comfortable with it, it throws you into bridges that act as perfect harmonies and also what you wouldn't expect to hear, then it's all blended with vocals that add depth and smoothness.

We had a chance to talk with Sean de la Tour on his collaboration over the last year and a half with Bassist Jerry Montano, Drummer Tim Yeung, and Lead Rick DiMarco, and get his thoughts on everything. Turns out he may have butterflies as well. On first contact he was on cloud nine about the direction of his life. Excited and overjoyed about what was happening to him, and not giving any impression of being overwhelmed. Immediately the conversation went candid, questions i had layed out went out the door and before i knew it i was just having a conversation with a friend. Me and my friend had not talked in years and had some catching up to do. He talked about jamming with Jerry and just enjoying life up to making something credible out of it. He talked about not having the faith in himself most of the time and being his own worst enemy at others. He talked about being pushed by his girlfriend and friends, taking bigger chances and saying to hell with it, im going to do this. Well, it sounded like having an internal conversation with myself and about every other person i know. And just like a conversation with a friend we talked about the things going on in our world, the Jimmy Clip and what were going to do when we meet up.

Wow, is really all you can say. Such a chill and down to earth group of guys. And it just adds a level of great on top of the amazing music you get when the musicians behind it are just as cool.

And as luck would have it you may get to meet these guys as well. Gigantour will pull thru Salt Lake on August 1st and according to recent posts from these guys they are excited to throw down for us. We can hardly wait.

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