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"We love the work we do and we love who we do it for. We love music and admire musicians of all endeavors. We enjoy watching the show as much as working to make your sound be the best it can be. We are grateful we are able to call you not just friends, but our family"

Amy and Alex

DJ Services, Sound/Lighting Services -  $250 per show (up to 4 hours)

This provides EVERYTHING you need for an outstanding event. DJ, lighting, PA, mics, fog.

We have done various work along the Wasatch Front including schools, weddings, military, parties, veteran affairs and seminars, dont hesitate to call us for your next event, we will accomodate your very needs.

Custom Clothing - $8 to $25 a shirt (depending on requirements)

Amy has worked with clothing for some time, with her added skills we have done various shirts and promo items for small businesses along the watatch front including machine shops, night clubs, athletic teams and dance groups. We will cater to your very ideas and strive to help bring your team or business to life. Dont hesitate to call us today.

Graphic Design  varies in price by your specific desires, shirt design is typically included free with orders. For flyers and promo tags its best to call for quote. Typically $25 an hour for most design work.